9 comments on “BESTie

  1. I hope UJi and Dahye will redebut in a new group like when UJi, Hyeyeon, and Haeryung left EXID then redebuted as BESTie. LOL.

  2. Dahye and U.Ji terminated their contracts with YNB today 😭😭they did say that Bestie would recruit new members however. I did read this off allkpop but they did show in quotes what the company said. This is devastating, Bestie was so iconic, hopefully they aren’t the next group to disband in 2017 ;/

    • From what I have seen is that company hasn’t decided anything besides the fact that the two remaining members are going to focus on individual activities while they decided what to do next with the group. ~ James

  3. Haeryung changed her Instagram name to @haeryung_na_ 😉 also what happened to Bestie? Their last comeback was before KNK debuted and they have had 4 promoted songs already ;/

    • The company could be focusing on KNK right now, BESTie could be going through a line-up change, or practicing and preparing for a new album, they could be disbanded, They company hasn’t said anything so all we can do is guess. ~James

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