15 comments on “APink

    • I don’t know. I don’t really pay attention to when groups contracts come up for renewal unless they disband or someone leaves. It would make sense that their contracts need to be renewed because its been 7 years. ~James

  1. Apink’s newest music video title is “LUV”. And Apink has a new symbol now. Please check Apink’s official facebook: facebook.com/Official.Apink2011

    • Thank you for letting us know ~ I have been getting behind on the logo changes – Beast and BTOB have also changed their logos, and I have yet to change those too ~ ^^;;
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. APink has a new subunit called Pink BnN. The members are Bomi and Namjoo. They recently debuted with the song “My Darling” 🙂

    • thanks for this new information^^
      We will definitely add the sub-unit, but the song is part of a project, and technically not their discography (we don’t mention projects within our discography) so we will just mention that they are a sub-unit (and we hope that they release their own music soon^^)

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