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  1. Hi, I’m a huge Mine of 9MUSES Im still finding Rana’s, Bini’s Lee Sam’s Jaekyung’s Euaerin’s, Minha’s and Eunji’s social media but I can’t find you know they’re accounts?
    Sorry for my Bad English⚘

  2. Wow, all those changes in line-up. If they going for the kind of concept that AKB48 has, the agency should just say so.

  3. Okay, it’s a funy commentar but I have to say:
    They should call themselves now 9 Lost Muses because they have exactly 9 members which are no longer part of the group xD

  4. I know that whenever I write to you, you become angry with me but … I don’t understand why you put on the list of MV the song “Ladies” … Do you want to understand that there isn’t, NO ONE, official video for this song and never will be?!?! … Exist only a fan made video but NO ONE official video !!! … MAH !!! …

    • “It’s not that we get angry at you specifically, it just so happens that something about the way that you write your comments comes across very rude and arrogant (a lot of that has to due with using caps, which always feel angry and rude) which then puts us in a bad mood. The magic of the internet, and having to interpret others emotions and feelings using only text. However you are correct about Ladies, which would explain why I only ever find Fanmade MVs. This page was one of the first ones we made when we had fewer resources. We got that fixed. MAH!!” ~The Gurus

  5. So according to the instagram the members of the new sub unit along with the positions are Hyemi(leader), Kyungri(center), Sojin(rapper) and Keumjo(vocal)

  6. Hye I want to show something …
    about ramour nine muses will add new member … this the video
    *Removed unofficial link*
    I saw some comment say she not trainee just lead role for the show… I can read korean so I hope you can find some info ..thank you 🙂

    • The link you gave has been blocked in Korea so we can’t watch the video or read the comments. When Euaerin and Minah graduated from the group Star Empire had said that the group was going to comeback this summer with just the current 6 members. Unless we can get a link that is available in Korea we can’t confirm or deny anything aside from the official company statements. I’m sure that as the group gets closer to a comeback there will be more news. ~James

  7. Now just hyemi as original member … I don’t want them disband! I like them add new member but please don’t disband! 😦 😦 😦 I lost my KARA and now I don’t want lost my 9muses!