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    • It is not a comeback. They are releasing a post disbandment single that CL wrote and Dara and Bom also recorded. They will not be going be on any programs or anything. Yhis is just their final goodbye to their fans aince news of their disbandment was so sudden ~ James

    • That song is part of her English solo disocgraphy, we don’t cover English discography on this site when it is strictly part of their promotions in another country other than Korea.
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Lifted by CL just came out and it was on Youtube Featured and it says she is formerly of 2NE1. I don’t know anymore

    • It’s definitely not just you ~ we somehow missed adding that album (though we didn’t miss all the singles from it hahahaha) – we’ll get it added quickly! Thanks for pointing that out!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We did see the news, we just haven’t had time to update their page. We really need to invent a machine that lets us either lets us have more hours in the day or stop time so that we can do everything and sleep enough to not be cranky old ladies. Also just so you know, we do not consider All Kpop as an official source because they do not source their information, and tend to sensationalize everything. ~James

    • The positions we have listed for them here are the official positions that have been given by the company. Many groups have many people who overlap in what they actually do within the group. (I am of the opinion that Minzy is also rapper, but YG hasn’t made that distinction)
      ~ Manwon^^