29 comments on “2NE1

    • It is not a comeback. They are releasing a post disbandment single that CL wrote and Dara and Bom also recorded. They will not be going be on any programs or anything. Yhis is just their final goodbye to their fans aince news of their disbandment was so sudden ~ James

    • That song is part of her English solo disocgraphy, we don’t cover English discography on this site when it is strictly part of their promotions in another country other than Korea.
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Lifted by CL just came out and it was on Youtube Featured and it says she is formerly of 2NE1. I don’t know anymore

    • It’s definitely not just you ~ we somehow missed adding that album (though we didn’t miss all the singles from it hahahaha) – we’ll get it added quickly! Thanks for pointing that out!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We did see the news, we just haven’t had time to update their page. We really need to invent a machine that lets us either lets us have more hours in the day or stop time so that we can do everything and sleep enough to not be cranky old ladies. Also just so you know, we do not consider All Kpop as an official source because they do not source their information, and tend to sensationalize everything. ~James

    • The positions we have listed for them here are the official positions that have been given by the company. Many groups have many people who overlap in what they actually do within the group. (I am of the opinion that Minzy is also rapper, but YG hasn’t made that distinction)
      ~ Manwon^^

    • YG is the company I need to see it to believe it from…he tends to make announcements and then retracts them later (SuPearls who were slated for debut and then got scrapped, and Psy’s comeback from forever ago that still has yet to happen). I do hope 2NE1 comes back – but I also think YG is a super troll…hahahahaha
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I have seen nothing to confirm this. Yg is teasing for a yet to be announced release from some yg-artist. In fact the last I have seen is that YG has said 2ne1 will not be coming back for a while as CL is focusing on her US debut. Now this can all be smoke and mirrors but until something is confirmed we really cant do anything until pics and mvs are released, though it would be nice to have some new music from them ~James

      • From all the Korean sources I have read YG still has yet to confirm anything – the news articles all speculate 2NE1 is the group that is coming back, and they quote sources from within YG Entertainment as their sources…which doesn’t necessarily confirm their comeback. If it is 2NE1 great! If it isn’t, I also wouldn’t be surprised – YG is the master troll. As for allkpop releasing an article – they don’t source their original source, so as far as I am concerned they are not a real news source. Real news sources.

      • Oh, please don’t let my opinion on allkpop ruin their site for you! I enjoy reading their articles – I just don’t always believe them…they are, for the most part, a very trust worthy site ~ so please do continue enjoying their articles. We just don’t use allkpop as an official source for information on our site because they don’t source their information well, and we try to give you only official information that comes from the direct sources of the companies and artists themselves.
        ~ Manwon^^

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