7 comments on “Bigstar

    • The irony of you asking that is amazing! James and I were just talking about that today. I am a HUGE Bigstar fan and I do believe that Baram is out of the group, however Brave Sound never made any announcement of it beyond Baram was talking temporary leave to heal from an injury….he just never came back – and Bigstar celebrated their 5th anniversary without him…as a Bigstar fan I really hate Brave Sound…
      ~ Manwon^^

      • I will update that he is the military, but he hadn’t done anything with the group long before he enlisted. The group and members always tagged all of the members of the group in pictures even when one or more of them were missing, but after a while they stopped tagging him. The other members all celebrated the groups anniversary but did not include or mention him. If he does return to the group after the military we will move him back, but every sign from the group is that he quietly left ~ James

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