8 comments on “Highlight (Formerly: Beast)

  1. I think Dongwoon’s account Instagram nickname changed because I see his account here you can see in this video https://youtu.be/aHBKXwXCHOs about 11:30
    I’m sorry for my bad English and I hope you will understand what I mean because I want only to understand

    • I have updated his stupid IG like 8 times, and for some reason that one thing refuses to stay updated and I have no clue why. Maybe WP hates him (TT_TT) ~ James

  2. what is the current status of beast? did they disband or what? they did not renew their contract with cube ent and there are rumors that they are starting a new company. is it true?

    • The 5 members (Doojoon, Yoseob, Junhyung, Gikwang and Dongwoon) did leave cube and formed their new company Around Us Entertainment (each member is considered a CEO of the company according to Yoseob). They are currently in the middle of a legal battle with CUBE to keep the name BEAST. With CUBE coming out and saying that they are trying to re-debut BEAST as a 3 member group with Hyunseung, things don’t appear to be looking good for BEAST legally (or CUBE just doesn’t care, which is very likely). But Hyunseung has come out and said that he will not be part of any BEAST 2.0. So all in all its a giant clusetf*** for poor BEAST ~James

  3. Hyunseung has officially left the group :O What an upset. It’s said he’d stay in Cube as a solo artist and he’d be leaving Troublemaker as well omg ;-;

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