14 comments on “Alpha:Bat

  1. They were live today on vlive and Heta wasn’t there? Does this mean he isn’t a member? Also could this mean that they may be planning a comeback??

    • They recently became active again on their IG and we noticed that he was gone. We think that he left the group sometime during their long hiatus. It appears that they are planning a comeback, but we have no idea when that will happen as of yet. ~James

    • James can read Japanese, unfotunately there are a few possibilities for what his Korean name could be spelled as within the translation so we can’t actually accurately update his name at this time
      ~ Manwon^^

      • The problem is Japanese spellings of Korean names do not translate nicely to Korean For example Eplison’s real name 영진 (Young Jin) in Japanese is spelled ヨンジン. Kappa’s real name in Japanese ヨンフン has very similar spelling. If I were basing this off of Epsilon’s name I would translate Kappas name to Young or because Japanese doesn’t have the ㅇ/ng sound Kappa’s name could also be 연 or Yun/Yeon but this character in Japanese ヨ usually is a yo sound so Kappa’s name could be Yong or Yon (though I don’t know any Koreans with the name Yon). So without more to go one we can’t update Kappa’s real name. ~ James

      • Well his instagram definitely makes it easier to confirm exactly how his name should be spelled based how he spells it ~ got it updated! Thanks!
        ~ Manwon^^

  2. So, Hayong went to the military? No wonder Yeonsu released a solo single. I hope they can keep things together later on with Hayong gets back:).

    • Yes he went into the military i think it was early spring. I can’t remember now, but he should hopefully be back towards the very end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 ~James

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