12 comments on “Tren-D

  1. Bona is actually still in Tren-D, but Ruru is out now and Tren-D are under a new company, JS E&M.

    **Not an official source, so it has been removed**

    • The source you have provided is not an official source, I did find that RuRu left the group since she left a letter on their official fan cafe. As for JS E&M they seem to be a distributor, not the actual company. And Bona had left the group, she returned to the group however. Please keep in mind that we need official sources to actually change information – so it takes us longer if we are not provided with official sources for our information.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Wow, so only Ruru is left from Jung :(, and she’s the only original member. At least she is my bias.I hope the best for her for sticking it out for so long with Tren-D.

      • Unfortunately that is the fate of a lot of smaller groups. I also hope for the best for them but I’m surprised that the group has held on this long, without disappearing at all. ~James

  2. According to some sources the group is now 5 members again,

    Ryuji, Ru Ru, Bona, Hayoung and Eunbyul
    It was stated on OneHallyu and there was a performance of them with 4 girls (minus Hayoung I think)

    • We do know about the new members. We just A) are super busy with our personal lives and haven’t had time to update yet and B) were hoping for the company to release more information on the new members because as of a few days ago only their names had been released

    • Though we here at kpopinfo114 do love onehallyu it’s not an official source (for future reference).
      I was able to confirm through Tren-D’s fancafe that they have both let the group, they left messages to their fans there. So thank you for letting us know! We do appreciate it! And we appreciate the source link, even if it wasn’t official! Thank you!
      ~ Manwon^^

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