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    • It looks like they are still going, which contradicts the companies earlier announcement that they were done, which has also been since deleted. I must say I am quite glad that they are not done, so we are going to move them back ~ James

    • Not sure, the company actually posted on their fan cafe that the 1st Generation is done and they are working on creating a new and better 2nd generation MR.MR. However all of the current members have left the group and despite the statement about creating generation 2 we have moved the group to disbanded. If the company does make a second gen group we will move them back. ~James

      • That’s so sad, their songs were so good! But they hadn’t done anything in awhile so I kinda expected it.

    • He’s been absent from the group for about a year, and there have been no updates about him since he left. The biggest sign we that he left was for their Anniversary the group didn’t use a single picture of him and cropped him out of all the group photos. My heart is still breaking over him. ~James

  1. can you explain to me, when jiwon follow and leave this group ? i think at first they had debut with ‘who’s that girl’ i don’t look him. or maybe i’m wrong ?
    thaks for your information 🙂

    • Jiwon joined the group before the “Do You Feel Me Promotions”, he was never in an MV ~ He did live performances with them for a few weeks, then it was announced that he was leaving the group ~ so he wasn’t in MR.MR for a long time…I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn he joined Under Dogg in Topp Dogg^^ He stole my heart right from the beginning
      Here are some links to see him during his MR.MR era – unfortunately MR.MR’s official website has removed all the videos concerning him:

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