7 comments on “2PM

  1. Junho is not in charge of Rap. He is the main vocalist, alongside Jun.K as the lead vocalist. And Wooyoung is the dancer of the group.

    • Haha, thank you! I am a huge fan of 2PM, and am surprised myself that I had Junho down as rap – so I appreciate you told us! I really need to learn to double check things XP
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. I know you don’t really bother with Japanese stuffs, but shouldn’t you at least mention Junho’s solo career???
    And I don’t know if it counts or not but technically all of the members released at least 1 solo track on 2PM’s Grown Grand Edition album 🙂

    • Sorry about Junho’s solo carreer, we completely forgot to mention that we will correct that, we’re trying to keep up as best we can. As for the solo tracks on grown, we are not considering those as solo careers, as almost every group releases a solo track at some point. We consider a solo career releasing their own album and promoting it seperately and independtly from the group. Like Jun.K’s and Junho’s solos.

      • Thanks and I understand your reasoning 🙂 With mentioning the solo tracks on Grown I just wanted to point out that Junho also has Korean songs, but it’s true that he only performed them on 2PM concerts 🙂

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