12 comments on “24K / 4K

  1. I see that Daeil is solo now,and he changed his name on instagram so i think that he is officialy leave this group
    :(,can you tell do you gonna make official page of his solo ,he has a mv too??

  2. So sad to see Daeil and Sungoh are not in the group :((( They were true gems… I hope they stay in the music business I would love to see them still

  3. Sungoh and Daeil contract didn’t end, so… they didn’t left the group. They are just in hiatus. Sungoh is still recovering and Daeil decided not to participate in this comeback for personal reasons.

    • Manwon^^ and I are massive 24K fans and have been since the beginning, and it causes us great pain, me especially since I’m going to marry Daeil, but…things happen.

      If they were still in the group they would be promoting the group on their SNS even if they were on hiatus. They also wouldn’t need to add two new members. Saying that a member is injured or needs “personal time” is a very common way that companies say that someone is out of the group. Especially to avoid negative press.

      On top of that, melon has removed the members from the groups profile and they have added the two new members. Melon never removes members from groups if a member is simply on hiatus, they just don’t change that members profile picture until they come back.

      I sincerely hope that Sungoh and Daeil are still in the group but…the likely hood of them coming back is about as likely as Hangeng returning to Super Junior. ~James

      • yeah but still < they aren’t out of the group yet till the company say that they r i=out also sung oh just posted in instagram n i was wondering why he still useing 24k in his account ? i also think that they will never back < specially after adding hong seob to the band but still you can not but them as former members till that be offical i thinl ~ so sad to take that shock for me < i really wish that they won’t go

      • Seokjun still uses his 24K account, and he’s been gone for a few years now. The company also never said he was officially out, just that he needed a break. But really, if he were actually going to come back he would have come back.

        If the members have been removed from the Daum/Naver/Melon profiles then the members are out. Again if by some miracle they come back we will move them back from their former member status, but looking at Choeun’s history and all of the facts we have made this difficult decision. ~James

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