10 comments on “100%

    • You’re right we can’t take life for granted, and that’s always something I saw in Minwoo – he was always lovingly teased for his age at which he debuted, but he also knew he had to pursue his dreams knowing he had to live his life to the fullest. I’m also pretty speechless and just in shock. He will be so greatly missed
      ~ Manwon^^

    • A lot of times “inactive” in Korea means “out” but the company doesn’t say anything (Take Kibum from Super Junior, SM waited 6~7 years to announce that he was out of the group). When he was announced to be leaving the group Sanghoon and the Members made it seem much more likely that he was out of the group. Even when the groups debut aniversaries happened here in Korea the fans only included Minwoo, Rokhyun, Jinhwan, Chanyong, Hyukjin and Changbum (even during Minwoo’s military service). He may still have a contract with TOP Media and they just don’t suck as a company and are letting him wait out his contract period. If we are wrong we will move him back but until then all signs point to out. ~James

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