Han Sung Ho Discography

Here is a list of Han Sung Ho‘s promotional videos.

  • Goodbye Day *not available on any official YT channel

Here is Han Sung Ho‘s full discography

Han Sung Ho - GoodbyeDay

  • Abstract (추상)
  • Goodbyeday(슬픈독백)
  • Fall In Love
  • A Small Thank You (작은 부탁)
  • Saturday Night
  • Confused (착각)
  • Stupid Brothers (바보삼형제)
  • Forgiveness (용서)
  • You Still Make Me Cry (아직 넌 내 눈물인걸)
  • Say Say Say


Han Sung Ho - Sad Clover

  • Prelude
  • Anything (아무것도)
  • When I’m Not The World (내가 세상에 없을때)
  • Excuse (변명)
  • Promise (Acoustic Version)
  • Kiss Kiss
  • Consideration (배려)
  • Parting (이별)
  • From Now On (이제 부터라도)
  • The Day
  • Happening
  • I Am (나는요)
  • Promise
  • Anything (아무것도) MR
  • Abstract (추상) CD Bonus

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