H.O.T Discography

Here is a list of H.O.T’s promotional videos!

Currently we will not be capping any of the 1st generation videos.  Any links will go to the official YT video

Here is the full H.O.T discography

Album art for H.O.T's album "We Hate All Kinds Of Violence"

  • Candy
  • As Long As You Love (널 사랑한 만큼)
  • Warrior’s Descendant (전사의 후예 [폭력시대])
  • Your Glowing Reflection (노을 속에 비친 그대 모습)
  • When I Need It (내가 필요할 때 (소년, 소녀 가장에게))
  • Annoying Me Today (오늘도 짜증나는 날이네)
  • You’re Fast I’m Slow (너는 Fast 나는 Slow)
  • Individual Times (개성시대)
  • About A Girl (About 여자[女子])


Album art for H.O.T's album "Wolf And Sheep"


Album art for H.O.T's album "H.O.T 3"

  • Hope (빛)
  • Line Up (열맞춰!)
  • The Spirit Of The Fighter (투혼[鬪魂])
  • The Promise Of H.O.T (우리들의 맹세)
  • H.O.T. (House Of Trust [아빠! 사랑해요])
  • In I (이세상에 버려진 모든 아이들을 위하여…)
  • Monade
  • Technolove
  • You Got Gun?
  • Boys, Be A Legend (소년이여! 신화가 되어라)
  • All Alone (홀로서기)
  • Since, You’ve Gone (후에…)
  • Unity Is Beautiful As One (하나라는 아름다운 느낌)
  • Wedding X-Mas

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Album art for H.O.T's album "IYAH"

  • Get It Up! (투지[鬪志])
  • War (전쟁)
  • Children & News (아이들 & News)
  • I Yah! (아이야!)
  • Sky, Dream And… (하늘, 꿈, 그리고…)
  • The Way That You Like Me
  • My Girl (나의 너)
  • 8.15 (Second To The Independence Of… [제 2의 독립을 위하여…])
  • Conviction (신념)
  • Korean Pride
  • Last Speech (마지막 음성)
  • Do Or Die
  • Confession (고백)
  • Celebrate (축복)
  • Friend (친구)
  • Soul (영혼)
  • Laughter (웃음)
  • Pu Ha Ha
  • Private (사모)
  • It’s Been Raining Since You Left (환희)
  • Escape (탈출)
  • Forever Song (다시 시작해)
  • Thank You, I’m Sorry (고마워, 미안해)
  • Together Forever (고마워, 미안해)


Album art for H.O.T's album "Outside Castle"

  • Outside Castle (Symphony)
  • Outside Castle (The Castle Outsiders)
  • Delight (신비)
  • We Can Do It! (그래! 그렇게!)
  • My Mother
  • Pray For You (꿈의 기도)
  • Bluebird Wishes (파랑새의 소원)
  • Time Will Tell
  • One Last Love
  • Good-bye For The Last (Good-Bye 이젠)
  • A Song For Lady (For 연가 [姸歌])
  • Illusion
  • Natural Born Killer
  • Abandoned Children (버려진 아이들)
  • Always My Love (늘 지금처럼)

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