1st Generation Idols

All of these groups and solo artists have helped pave the way for today’s K-pop groups.  Not all of the groups are finished yet, so please be patient.

All groups are listed in this fashion “Main group (Sub-unit)” Alternate spelling of group names are listed as such  “Group Name [alternate spelling]“

1TYM <Discography>

As One <Discography>

Baby V.O.X <Discography>

Baekdoosan <Discography>

Boohwal <Discography>

CB Mass <Discography>

Chakra <Discography>

Circle <Discography>

Cleo <Discography>

Click B <Discography>

Clon <Discography>

Cool <Discography>

Deux <Discography>

Diva <Discography>

DJ DOC<Discography>

Fin.K.L <Discography>

Fly To The Sky [FTTS] <Discography>

g.o.d <Discography>

Han Sung Ho <Discography>

Han’s Band <Discography>

H.O.T <Discography>

Honey Family <Discography>

Hyun Jin Young & Wawa <Discography>

Insooni <Discography>

Jinusean <Discography>

Jo Sung Mo <Discography>

JYP <Discography>

Keep Six <Discography>

Kim Bum Soo <Discography>

Kim Gun Mo <Discography>

Kim Hyun Jung <Discography>

Kim Wan-Sun <Discography>

Koyote <Discography>

Lee Jung Hyun <Discography>

Lee Soo Man <Discography>

Lim Chan Jung <Discography>

Moon Child <Discography>

MUE <Discography>

NRG <Discography>

O-24 <Discography>

Papaya <Discography>

Park Hyo Shin <Discography>

Park Myung Soo <Discography>

Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha <Discography>

Roo’ra <Discography>

S#ARP <Discography>

S.E.S <Discography>

Sanullim <Discography>

Sechs Kies <Discography>

See U <Discography>

Seo Taiji and the Boys <Discography>

Shinhwa <Discography>

Sinawe <Discography>

So Chan Whee <Discography>

T.T.MA <Discography>

Turbo <Discography>

Uhm Jung Hwa <Discography>

UN <Discography>

Up <Discography>

Uptown <Discography>

WAX <Discography>

Yangpa <Discography>

Yoo Seung Jun <Discography>

Young Turks Cl